Kerri Vanden Berg – Bike Mechanic

Kerri Vanden Berg - Bike Mechanic

In what's typically a male dominated profession the bike repair and service sector, Kerri Vanden Berg has established her one person bike repair business quietly in the West Jefferson Neighborhood.  Educated as a school teacher, she took to bike repair as a result of working with 4J school students who had been suspended from school and taught bike repair to these so called "problem" teens through a local non profit entity that promotes bicycle transportation as a viable alternative to driving.  She appreciates the unique way in which she does business, everything from the repairs, to doing her financials, connecting with customers no matter whether they have $2000 custom road bikes or homeless people who just need to keep their bikes working.

She doesn't advertise and you would never know where her business is located as there is no signage or advertised address.  She's passionate about two wheeled transportation and advocates it as much as possible.

If you're looking for personalized, friendly face to face customer service, you can reach her at Kerri's Neighborhood Bike Shop by phone at 541-505-6514

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