Tip Your Visual Journal

Tip Your Visual Journal

I'm always looking for great ideas for LaneCounty360. Do you know of an amazing space, or a fantastic dish at a local restaurant?

Maybe you discovered a local band or artist whose work is exceptional, except no one knows about them yet. Maybe it's a young person who lives next door to you who made some groundbreaking technological discovery in his garage workshop. (Now, there's a picture.)

Let me know in the comment form below.

Please tell me why I should feature your idea (feel free to gush) and include plenty of detailed information within the body of your comment. Vague inquiries like, "Hey, I have a great story idea -- call me" doesn't work very well.

The comment will be emailed to me so please make sure you fill out all fields so I can get a hold of you in case your story idea sounds interesting.

Many thanks,

Cliff Etzel - Photographer
Lane County 360

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